ColorCut FB780-T B2+ Digital Die Flatbed Cutter and Tangential Creaser

The NEW FB780-T is the world’s first B2+ digital flatbed cutter providing the ultimate crease and precision cutting for any die-cut application.

It’s compact designed cutting table features a dual tool head with an impressive 2.5kg force Active Tangential Wheel creaser and 1kg passive contour blade tool for exceptional cutting & creasing. Combined with a powerful vacuum system and high-speed performance, makes it ideal for on-demand, medium to light production runs of two and three-dimensional items.

This powerful and accurate device can cut and crease virtually any form of print, from sample and prototype packaging for high-end products and protective cartons to synthetic point-of-sale items and kiss-cut adhesive labels/stickers.

With our combined industry leading ColorCut Pro software, the FB780-T brings many advanced features to aid design and production.

Key Features:

  • B2+ table takes SRA2 – or 2 x SRA3 and smaller
  • No dies required – cut and crease any shape on demand
  • Dual-tool head for same time cutting (1kgf) and creasing (2.5kgf)
  • Blistering performance of up to 1,200mm/second
  • Unparalleled accuracy using latest servo technology
  • Cuts mixed jobs on table using QR coded auto job recognition to automatically retrieve associated cut files
  • Cuts through up to 1,000 micron/800gsm paper/card, softboards and films to any shape
  • Kiss-cuts perfect sheet labels of any shape
  • CCD Video Camera driven to accurately follow vector cut/crease lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® & CorelDRAW®
  • Vacuum suction media hold down table for even the smallest of items
  • Effective cutting area 480 x 660mm
  • Cut mixed job sheets for increased productivity on the bed, at the same time!
  • Complete with dedicated ColorCut Pro cutting & creasing software, with Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® plugins


Cut area:
Format/size: B2+ (2 x SRA3)
Maximum media area:580mm x 800mm
Effective contour cutting area:480mm x 660mm
Media hold-down method:750W vacuum suction
Acoustic Muffler / Silencer:Included
Cutting control:
Cutting carriage: Dual tool cutting carriage, 2 independently operated tool positions
Cutting force:Tool 1: Cut – up to 1,000gf (1Kg)
Crease force:Tool 2: Crease up to 2,500gf (2.5Kg)
Max cutting depth:Paper/card up to 800micron, Max. depth 1,000 micron (low density substrate i.e. rice paper / soft board).
Max speed:*  Fast Mode:1,200mm/s. Standard Mode: 960mm/s. High Definition: 750mm/s.
Typical cut accuracy:+/- 125 μ
Mountable tools: 3 tools supplied as standard for either tool position: blade holder, creasing tool (double ended) & pen tool for calibration