ColorCut Pro Server Station

Realise the full potential of ColorCut Pro software, through the ColorCut Pro Server Station. Its innovative features will streamline the entire cutting process, increase workforce productivity, reduce costs and increase profits.

Hello central hub

Implement the Intec ColorCut Pro Server Station into your organisation and benefit instantly from a highly efficient central hub, at the heart of graphic design and post-press production.
By off-loading final jobs from designers’ computers and into the production workflow, the Server Station enables the design studio to continue with their creative tasks, whilst enabling print production staff to pick up the process of job cutting, without further impact upon the design studio’s time or physical movements.
Connecting each networked graphic designers’ system and integrating with the print/finishing room, workflow is accessible by all and automation is seamless. Users can be independently located throughout the networked premises if desired.
Along with its innovative features, the Server Station provides a ‘level playing field’ for all associated devices – removing the headaches often suffered by varying operating systems and conflicting program versions on one network.

Key Features

  • Job Library Manager: Acting very much like a RIP workflow, this sophisticated feature brings massive functionality to the networked library of cut job files. One central and synchronised source for all ColorCut users.
  • Template Maker: As of version 4.00, this plugin allows networked design studio users to produce bespoke cut files to suit their projects prior to adding artwork. The designer simply enters the overall L x W x H dimensions for their package and the plugin calculates all the inner dimensions, folds, creases, tucks and flaps. The vector box template file is exported and the design content can be added on another layer, within Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®.
  • 2 additional user seats: Additional users are included in the licence for Server Station customers.
  • SmartColors: Random colours specified in supplied artwork for cutting, creasing, perforation tasks, get migrated to SmartColors to suit the ColorCut environment – and also get saved for each time that job is recalled.
  • PC and Mac compatible: Cut files can be received from both PC and Mac directly into the Sever Station Job Library Manager.
  • Virtually zero errors: The simplicity of having one central hub for all users and the way in which users become trained to adopt a common working practice – means the Server Station makes production errors, a problem of the past.




Production Studio – This is the core operating software to enable operation of any ColorCut device and for designer’s client version for creation of cut files and saving to ColorCut Pro Job Library. 2 user licences included.

Job Library Manager – A network library for cut files, pre-installed on the Server Station and provides one central and synchronised source for all ColorCut users

Template Maker – Create simple cartons and shaped items using the installed Template Maker and save these cut files for multiple use by all authorised users

Software User Licence – The Server Station includes an additional software User Licence enabling two extra user seats


Hardware Specification

Processor: Intel i5, 64bit 6 Core processor (6 Cores/9MB/6T/3.0GHz to 4.4GHz/65W). Memory: 8GB Ram.
Storage: Min 256GB HDD. Graphics Card: Intel® Integrated Graphics. USB Ports: 8 Ports (4 front, 4 at rear, – 2 used for Keyboard & Mouse, leaving 6 available). Optical drive: DVD+/-RW 9.5mm Optical Disk Drive.
Monitor: LED-backlit LCD monitor – 20″ 1600 x 900

Stand Specification

Premium – Ergonomic WorkStation Server Stand: Adjustable Monitor Bracket, for 25 degree tilt.

Keyboard shelf with left or right handed mouse area. PC locking bracket


Voltage: AC 110-240v~, 50-60Hz, 180w,
Power supply: 180w, 6.8A (110-220v), 3.4A (200-240v)
Approvals Complies with CE, RoHs directive, Energy Star


Weight: (unpacked) including stand 44kgs
Dimensions: W x D x H 740 × 550 × 1420mm (29.13″ x 21.65″ x 55.90″)


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