Cover 1 integrated semi-automatic casemaker

Maximum automation and efficiency will prove a superior investment in addressing your POD hardcover requirements. The latest technology with bar code driven automation, combined with GP2 solid reputation for result driven machinery, come together in complete systems that provide maximum profits for one-off and short run production. With the support of a barcode-reader the appropriate data for the cases is recalled from your database. This information is then forwarded to the control system. While the operator is feeding the cover sheet into the gluer, the board trimmer is cutting the cover boards and the spine from a sheet of board which are fed to the operator by conveyor. If you use a flexible spine the system can be equipped with the FS-1 which will cut the flexible spine to size and dispense it to the operator. The cover 1 system integrates the:
  • SC-2 automatic case maker
  • G-1 gluing machine with automatic viscosity control
  • BT-1 automatic board trimming machine
  • FS-1 flexible spine cutter and dispenser
  • Barcode reader
Price: $POA CALL US FOR BEST PRICE 1300 859 471
Required air: 2cfm @ 80psi
Operating speed: Up to 300/hr
Setup Time: only a few seconds
Case Height: 169-406mm
Case width (open): 219-660mm (corner cutters) 219-711mm (without corner cutters)
Board Thickness: 1.5-3mm
Spine Width: 6-83mm