Industrial single side laminating machine for offset and digital print.

The Digifav B2 is a professional laminator built on a solid industrial chassis but still offers a small foot print.
The Digifav B2  incorporates a fully automatic stream feeder with a 600 mm table capacity, chrome sealed thermal oil heating roller, pneumatic micro perforator, a massive 101 newtons of pressure per mm, pneumatic decurling bar and a strong burst roller drive.

Fast and simple operation using a state of the art touch screen, the machine has a auto start and a film loading functions at the touch of a button to ensure a quick setup.

  • Industrial single side laminating machine
  • High gloss chrome roller with excellent durability
  • Sealed thermal oil filled heat roller provides a uniform heat distribution and retention across the entire surface.
  • Automatic stream feeder
  • Roller pressure controlled by independent pneumatic pistons on each side with up to 101 Newton/mm linear pressure.
  • Film is perforated only at the overlap by a pneumatic micro-perforator
  • In-line film slitting knife
  • Large feed table capacity of up to 600 mm or 200 kg of stock.
  • Fan assisted sheet output to stacking table
  • Burst drive capable of bursting up to 75 micron films
  • Pneumatic roller decurl bar that won’t scratch or mark sensative stocks
  • runs at up to 22 m/min

Price: POA


Optional Jogging Table

  • Model name : Jogging Table
  • Max. paper size : B2
  • Paper pile height : 150mm
  • Power requirement : AC220~240V

Optional automatic stacker

  • Model name : B2 Pallet stack
  • Max. paper size : B2
  • Paper pile height : 600mm

Dimension (W*L*H) 1150 x 2100 x 1600 mm 1150 x 2100 x 1600 mm
Max. Laminating Speed 22m/min. 30m/min.
Max. Paper Size 530mmx750mm
Paper Pile Height 600 mm

Laminating Films Single Side: OPP, PET, NYLONEX FILM
Substrate weight 150 ~ 350g/㎡
Power requirement AC 415V/20A
Power consumption 8 kW 11.5 kW
Heating system sealed thermal oil filled roller
Temp. Control PID controller
Speed control Touch-screen
Roller pressure Interdependent left/right pneumatic Cylinder
Film core 77mm (3”)