Binds one document per second!

The new Accel series is revolutionary with its high performance and innovative automatic Drop&Go technology. It features off-line automated binding that is ideal for either ‘walk up’ or high-volume document production in corporate print rooms, print shops and copy centres.

The uniquely time saving, and cost-effective solution of the Drop&Go technology allows operators to batch feed up to 50 documents in the machine while working freely in parallel.

Providing high quality and greater strength while requiring no trained operators, the Accel series is perfect for your bound document needs!

  • Fast bind and warm up cycle
  • Digital guide to ascertain correct cover size
  • Designed for high volume, heavy duty use
  • Binds books up to 150 sheets 80gsm (15mm cover) – 34mm cover size option available using Accel Ultra+
  • Double loading capacity – processing time cut in half
  • Soft and hard cover binding possible
  • Finished document opens flat

Bindomatic Accel Ultra

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Bindomatic Accel Cube

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