Semi Automatic Casemaker

Semi Automatic machine for the production of One off and multiple bookcases.

With fast setup times it is possible to economically run single cases or large series, the machine uses arms to measure the case which is automatically set into the touch screen. The EC-3 has flexibility over a huge range of case sizes.Using a user friendly touch screen interface.

With the XL-version of this machine, even book cases up to DIN A3 can be made!

After spine and boards have been positioned on the glued cover sheet, the edges will be turned in within two steps. Speeds up to 150 cases per hour can be achieved.


  • Corner tucks- Automatically tucks corners on the 3rd and forth fold
  • Single board- Alignment guides for single board products (menus, game boards etc.)
  • Padded board – Setup to allow running of padded boards.

Price: $POA


Model: EC-3 EC-3W
Dimensions: 762 x 1220 x 1170 mm 762 x 1372 x 1170 mm
Weight: 230kgs 280kgs
Power: 230V/50Hz 10amp
Required compressed air: 2cfm @ 80psi
Operating speed: up to 180/hr
Setup time: only a few seconds
Case height: 100-355mm 100-355mm
Case width (open): 216-760mm 216-914mm
Single panel size: 100x100mm minimum
Board thickness: 1.5-3.5mm
Spine width: 6.4-82mm