Morgana ColorCut FB1180T Digital flatbed cutter

Morgana ColorCut FB1180T flatbed cutting table – for on demand applications, cuts absolutely any shape.

The Morgana ColorCut FB1180T is the latest addition in the FB1100 Series is designed to handle media 800 x 1100mm, introducing the ability to cut a wider range of media with its tangential cutting and creasing, with an effective cutting area of up to 680 x 1000mm.

Offering a QUAD TOOL HEAD with both drag/swivel and tangential capabilities the FB1180T has increased cutting and creasing forces. This offers outstanding results on FBB and SBB packaging boards and provides a wider range to include N, E and F fluted boards for packaging and point of sale applications.

The larger info-control panel provides a ‘No Wires’ working environment for remote locations; view and display your job to cut on the LCD screen, select by name or simply press scan to direct the cutter to auto-select the cut file.

Flat Bed Cutting Tables

Perfect for light to medium run production, the ColorCut series offers a range of machines to suit the cutting and creasing of virtually any form of print, from cardboard packaging for high-end products and protective cartons, to synthetic point-of-sale items and kiss-cut adhesive labels. The ability to digitally produce single items on demand, also makes the ColorCut perfect for prototyping.

ColorCut flatbeds come complete with a selection of cutting blades and mats to suit a wide range of materials, including lightweight papers, cards, label stock and synthetic substrates.

Cuts a typical SRA3 sheet in just 30 – 60 seconds. This enables users to easily and affordably produce anything from one to 1,000 sheets per day.

Sheets are held securely in place by a vacuum air pump. Suction passes through the perforated hold down table and the mat, keeping sheets flat and secure.



Max. cutting area: 720mm x 1020mm
Max. creasing area: 1280mm
Max. cut and crease area: 660 x 1020mm
Max. cutting depth: 3000 micron
Max. media area: 860 x 1180mm
Max. cutting speed: 1,200mm per second
Machine dimensions: 1550 x 1350 x 1010mm