FB580 B3 Digital-die cutter / creaser

The Intec ColorCut FB580 flatbed cutter is our entry-level model, featuring the same striking design DNA as the rest of the new generation flatbed series.
This is a high-specification B3 cutting table device with a compact footprint and a cutting table that accommodates up to one SRA3 (Tabloid Plus) sheet and is targeted for light production and prototype work.
Cut and crease almost any printed promotional item to absolutely any shape! The cutter comes complete with purpose-built stand, two cutting mats, dual tool head (which delivers up to 1.2kg of force), mountable cutting, creasing and calibration tools, a selection of cutting blades, large 7-inch immersive touchscreen control panel, powerful 400W vacuum fan and optional silencer.
The FB580 is a superb investment for prototyping and small run work. The range also includes B1 and B2 cutter/creasers, some with tangential tools.

Key Features:

  • No dies required – cut and crease any shape on demand
  • Cuts card and films up to 800 micron
  • Dual-tool head for same time cutting and creasing
  • High productivity with cutting speeds up to 1200mm/s!
  • Camera driven to accurately follow vector cut/crease lines drawn in Adobe®Illustrator® & CorelDRAW® 
  • Vacuum suction media hold down table for even the smallest of items
  • Complete with dedicated ColorCut Pro cutting & creasing software


Cut area:
Max media area: 440mm x 580mm
Effective cutting area: 340mm x 480mm
Stand: included
Media hold down method: 400W vacuum suction
Acoustic cover for pump: yes
Silencer: optional
Cutting force: Tool 1: Cut – up to 1,200gf (1.2Kg) / Tool 2: Crease up to 1,200gf (1.2Kg)
Max cutting depth: Paper/card up to 600 micron/600gsm, Max. depth 1mm (low density substrate ie. Foamboard), High Density Substrates: PVC – up to 0.4mm, PET – up to 0.3mm, magnetic sticker – up to 600µ
Max speed: 1,200mm/s.
Typical cut accuracy: +/- 125 μ
Mountable tools: 3 tools supplied as standard for either tool position: blade holder, creasing tool (double ended) & pen tool for calibration