RENZ Front Binding Covers

High quality front covers in a range of colours and formats. We offer a large range of PVC Plastic & Polypropylene.

PVC Acetate Binding Covers

Clear PVC Binding Covers 200 micron


A4 size 100 pieces per pack

Clear PVC Binding Covers 250 micron


A4 sizeA3 size 100 pieces per pack

Matt Finish Binding Covers 200 micron


A4 sizeA3 size100 pieces per pack

Polypropylene Binding Covers

Polypropylene cover add extra rigidity protection to you documents and come in a wide range of colours. Polypropylene covers are 100% recyclable and will not crease of scratch.

For a higher quality, scratch resistant, long lasting attractive finish.

Translucent Colours available:

Polypropylene cover available thicknesses 0.6,0.8 and 1.4mm.

A4 sizeA3 size Custom size sheets can be supplied on request