This machine is ideal for busy copy shops or print houses demanding a fast and efficient machine to complete laminating jobs up to B2 size quickly or for those print media specialists dealing with book covers, file covers, postcards and pamphlets. Perfect for embossing or laminating digital print media, this laminator is built to last. The Protopic 740 series incorporates a pneumatically controlled automatic overlay feeding table with a perforator, film trimmer, rewinder and burster. Fast an easy to use, the compact design makes the Protopic Plus 740 an ideal machine. Changing the film roll is effortless and this machine is built to last, designed for long runs at high speed. Comes with separate lami-table to support Protopic.
Available in three different configurations: 1. 740 Sleek: For single sided lamination and digital sleeking
2. 740 Dual: For single sided lamination and texture embossing
3. 740 Dual Photo: For single sided lamination and Photo embossing (silver halide replacement)
  • Designed for B2 size digital prints
  • Automatic feeding paper gap adjustment
  • Slide type paper guides for simple adjustment
  • Silent Air compressor and lami-table included
  • NEW Rotation- Fine-Bar Decurling Device to remove curl from stocks
  • New design allows a higher laminating pressure at the nip roller to increase bonding power
  • Ergonomic touch screen for enhancing operator-centric convenient control
  • Available in 6 different embossing textures.embossing effects
Price: POA


features Ptopic

Dimension (W*L*H, mm) 1020*2080*670mm 1020*2270*670mm
Max. Laminating Speed 15min
Max. Paper Size (W*L, mm) 740*1200mm
Max. Paper size (W*L, mm) 350mm
Laminating films Single Side: POLYNEX, PERFEX, NYLONEX FILM Sleeking: Gloss, Matt, Hologram, Metallic Foil
Substrate weight 120 ~ 350g/㎡
Front roller diameter (mm) T: 100 / B: 80
Rear roller diameter (mm) 55
Rear roller diameter (mm) AC 220~240V/15A
Power consumption (kw) 3.45 kw 3.45 kw
Warm-up time (min) 7 min 7 min
Heating system Infrared heater
Laminating temp. (℃) MAX.150
Temp. Control Touch-screen
Speed control Touch-screen
Display for temp. & Speed LCD Panel
Pressure control Pneumatic cylinder
Film core 77mm (3”)
Air Compressor 2HP, 19 L/min 2HP, 19 L/min
Temp.Sensing method Internal sensor
Cooling device Air blower Air blower