Automatic Cutting Finishing System with easy & convenient operation, high level of accuracy and productivity.

High productivity cutting solution, the smart cutter is a multi-purposed cutting device completing Silver Halide Replacement systems by integration with the PODMASTER-IDH 54 series and LAMIMASTER-IDH 34 series.
A very efficiently cutting solution in when connected to the PODMASTER-IDH 54 series for Sheet to Sheet, and provides a roll to sheet solution when connected to LAMIMASTER-IDH 34 series.
Capable of various size of photographs, leaflet, greeting cards etc. can be cut by exchanging slitting knife modules including all standard size photographic size prints of 4X6", 5X7", 8X10" and 11X14".
  • High efficiency cutting solution for large volumes of substrates such as photographs
  • Available In-Line configuration with digital presses & finishing solutions
  • Synchronized Cross-cutting & Slitting system
  • Capable of cutting various substrates up to max. 350gsm
  • Exchangeable slitting knife module
  • I-mark detection for the exact cut results
  • Precise cutting within ±0.25mm
  • Photo collector (conveyor) for name card (6x12")-optional


Dimensions 1280mm x 1200mm x 1115mm
Cutting Speed Max. 30m/min
Cutting Size Min. cutting size (L x W) : 152mm x 101mm (6" x 4")
Max. cutting size (L x W) : 1,000mm x 350mm (40" x 14")
Slitting Module Option
IIx12: 11x14", 8x10", IIIx12: 5x7", IVx12: 4X6"
Paper Weight with Lamination
125~ 350gsm
Paper Width
Min. 210mm, Max. 350mm
Slitting Tolerance ±0.25mm
Inline configuration Roll to Sheet: In-Line with LAMINMASTER-IDH 34 series
Sheet to Sheet: In-Line with PODMASTER-IDH 54 series
Cutting System Synchronized cutting system with 2mm Gutter Slitting by Rotate Knife / Cross-cutting by Guillotine Knife
Control System PLC and Servo motor
Rated Voltage AC 380V~400V, 3-phase, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 4kW
Guillotine Motor/Drive Motor AC Servo Motor
  Technical modifications may be made without notice.