The launch of new QTopic-380 proved extremely successful with a lot of interest during and after the Printex expo. It seems there is a demand in the market for a single side celloglaze/laminating machine that has a small footprint and at a lower price with the same features as its popular big brother the Protopic 540.

The new QTopic-380 has a small footprint and is mounted on industrial castors making it perfect for customer with limited floor space who is looking to increase their productivity and bring all their celloglazing work in-house, with the added bonus of being able to offer embellishments like foiling and spot gloss highlights to their print.

The first two machines have already been installed at Snap Printing Queen St. Brisbane and Snap Printing Toowoomba both of whom are impressed with the simplicity of operation, speed and the potential for digital sleeking embellishments that are possible using this machine. The addition of this machine to their operations means they maintain control and increase profits.

You never know with new products until the market has given them a critical “once over” and we are pleased that it has proven to be more successful than originally anticipated with customers placing deposits now to hold machines from the next shipment arriving soon.


PHENIXThe NEW PUR SYSTEM 380 entry level professional PUR binder, aimed at the user who wants to get the results of a large PUR Perfect Binder on shorter length runs at a lower cost. In recent years there has been a variety of low cost entry level machines in the market none of which have delivered on the required performance and reliability.

The NEW System 380 PUR binder is now being offered at a heavily reduced introductory price for the first five machines sold. This is an incentive we have passed on from the manufacture to help establish this machine into the Australian market.

Featuring a closed tank and glue head that can be used for both for PUR glue and hot-melt EVA and with adjustable side gluing makes this a very versatile machine. PUR glue can be re-melted up to 15 times saving on time and wastage that is unavoidable in open systems.

The PUR SYSTEM 380 is simple and easy to set up and use and the low operating costs make it an ideal solution for anyone producing POD bound books, Photo-albums or Photobooks, in house.

SolarBind 50 Single clamp Perfect Binder

Solar 50 icoThe SolarBind 50 also received a lot of attention during Printex. This machine got the most attention from operators who already have inline perfect binding options on their print engines but are looking for an offline alternative for work that currently is outside their online systems specifications. It created particular interest among copy centers/in-house print rooms looking for a small mobile perfect binder to complement their current binding offerings.

The SolarBind 50 is a single clamp perfect binder that will bind from 2mm-50mm in thickness with an adjustable cover clamp that will give perfectly square spines or is easily adjusted to also create a rounded spine. The machine requires only standard power supply and no compressed air.

The SolarBind 50 is a great simple to use and affordable perfect bind solution that sells for under $10K.