electric guillotine

Professional heavy duty electric guillotine perfect for the small – medium print shop. This electric guillotine can hold up to 99 programs with up to 9 cuts in each to store your most common jobs. With the optical safety light beam your operator will stay safe and work more efficiently than similar models fitted with covers.

  • LCD dispaly with up to 99 saveable programs.
  • Optical cutting line light for accurate positioning.
  • Easy access to the blade fine depth adjustment.
  • Safety two hand operation.
  • Electronic hand wheel for fine back guage positioning.
  • Optional side tables provide additional working area.


Programmable back gauge.

Up to 99 programs can be stored.

Electric back gauge adjustment

Variable speed back gauge adjustment dial

Operator safety light beam

Guillotine can not be operated if light beam is broken

Order number 650ep
Cutting capacity 80mm
Cutting width 650 mm
Cutting depth 610 mm
Min cut 35mm
Dimension (HxWxD) 1250 x 1020 x 1250mm
Weight 331 kg
Colour grey
Power 230v 15amp