Nose Mouth Shield

The new design adding to our protective equipment range, which already includes full face shields, hands-free disinfectant dispensers and door openers, and the ‘Buddy’ multi-hygiene hook.

The Protective Mouth & Nose Shield fits around the chin and is secured with “soft and comfortable” ear loops

Tackling the issue of not being able to see someones mouth when wearing a mask.

Renz in Germany have spent considerable time and effort getting the design right and making the new shield comfortable to wear, finally the new shield is in production now.”

The new shield will be launched in the Australian market this week (week 33) with the first shipment arriving shortly.

  • Covers nose and mouth extensively
  • Effectively blocks droplets from mouth and nose
  • Facial expressions and lip-reading possible without restriction
  • Ideal when your friendly smile counts (gastronomy / service / beauty / hair)
  • No impairment of the field of vision
  • No fogging of the glasses
  • Extremely light construction for high wearing comfort
  • Ergonomic chin support for a secure and comfortable hold
  • One size fits all – suitable for adults and children
  • Chin support and shield can be disinfected
  • Replacement shields available
  • Made from high quality and skin-friendly materials
  • Made in Germany

This is not medical equipment.