Manual casemaker PräDeck

PräDeck is designed to produce hard-back cases for single (assorted) as well as small series of books. In one process, the two boards and the spine hollow are placed accurately and with the exact joint width on to the glued cover material. Standard delivery includes joint bars of 6 mm and 8 mm width. Other widths as of 4 mm are available by request. The width of the spine hollow is progressively adjustable from 6 mm to 100 mm by means of a precise adjustment mechanism with hand lever.
  • Illuminated table
  • Adjustable back stop
  • Colour coded cover guide for centering
  • Made in Germany
PräDeck in combination with the PräKant and a gluing machine "THE PräDeka-System" is the ultimate manual case making system with an output of 60-100 cases per hour. Price: $POA CALL US FOR BEST PRICE 1300 859 471
Spine width: 6-100mm
Spine length: 440mm max With Optional extension table 650mm
Open case width: 660mm max
Joint width: Customisable
Throughput: 60-100/hr
Dimensions: 72 x 57 x 36cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 26kgs
Power supply: 230v/50-60Hz