Case-Making with the PräDeka System

With the standard configuration of the system you achieve a production of 150 cases within an hour. The price-performance-ratio is optimal.
The system consists of a single roller cold glue machine, PräDeck casemaker and PräKant turning-in machine combined on a special stand.
The modular system allows a business to add and extend the system as requirements grow. With the extension of an additional PräKant set 90° the output can be increased significantly.
This system allows a wide range of case sizes and thicknesses without the need to change any setup. Capable of throughput's of up to 150 cases per hour. With the extension of an additional PräKant in an angle of 90° increases the output of the system significantly (table extension necessary)
Price: $POA

Modular system, 2 piece logistics table

PräDeck to layout boards and spine onto the cover material

PräKant will turn-in cover and press.

Single roller gluer will apply an even layer of cold glue to the cover material

Dimensions: 222 x 97cm (LxW)
Power supply 230v/50Hz (3 outlets)
Required air min 6 bar
Throughput: up to 150/h
Board thickness 1.2-3.5mm
Case size (open): Min 120x120mm Max: 660x660mm