Pressing and forming of a book with PräForm

The PräForm is perfect in combination with the casing-in machine PräLeg. After the book has been cased-in, the book has to be pressed to connect the end-paper of the block and the cover. To make the book even stronger and to optimize the opening of the book.The joint glue is activated again and set by heated bars..

The transfer of the data from the barcode scanner on the PräLeg is available as an option.

Price: POA

Standard XL
Book Height: 80-340 mm 80-440 mm
Book Width: 110-450 mm
Book Thickness: 2-80 mm
Multiple Production 200-300 pcs/h
One-off production 100-150 pcs/h
Dimensions (lxwxh) 85 x 80 x 185 cm
Weight: 220 kgs
Required compressed air: 6 bar
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz 0.6kW