Multiple-station book press and joint-setting machine

PräForm Pro is perfect in combination with the casing-in machine PräLeg and an alternative to the smaller PräForm, if there is a need for a higher performance.

After the casing-in process, the book will be pressed to ensure the conncetion of the end-papers of the block with the cover of the book. To make it even stronger and optimize the opening, a joint will be set at the same time of the pressing process. The glue will be activated again and support the book in the joint.

The machine has 8 stations to process 8 books at a time. The ready books could be taken-out at the front. As an option there is a stacker which take the books out at the back and stack them on a tray. After a defined height the tray will be moved onto a feeder for further processing. The output os appr. 250 books per hour.

The alignment of the scanned barcode of the PräLeg is available as a software option.

Price: POA


Book Height: max. 315 mm
Book Width: 120-420 mm
Book Thickness: 8-70 mm
Output: 300 - 360 pcs/h (depending on material)
Machine: LxWxH: 210 x 100 x 151 cm
Weight: ca. 750 kgs
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz 0.8kW
Required air: 6 bar