Blocking Press for embossing book-titles, names, designs and more.

The PräGnant is a very versatile blocking press for bookbinders as well as for artists and designers. Not only Text titles and spines of books can be embossed but also graphics. The round blocking plate and many different shades of hot-stamping foil open a legion of possiblities to be creative and to make unique designs. Nearly every typesstyle is available for the PräGnant as well as embossing designs. The manifold options and accessories offer many more things: I.e. boxes could be made with the ceasing, scoring and grooving tools. A thermo-control, an underframe, extensions, a centering tool and many more things complete the range of accessories for the PräGnant. Price: POA
Table size: 430 x 500 mm
Pressure: Approx. 400kp
Floor space:: 60 x 60 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz