Casing-in of books with PräLeg

After the production of book-block and book-cover, both parts have to be attached to each other. For this process it is important to apply the glue film thin and even onto the end-papers of the book-block.
This could be adjusted by the controls om the touchscreen. The block will be placed on the sword (wing) which dives between the two glue rollers, At the same time, the book-cover is placed to the guides. Next the block applied with glue is transported up into the open cover.

Glue and water (for the viscosity control of the glue) are placed under the glue rollers in the cabinet. The cleaning is done by a cleaning cycle that has been programmed into the machine software, once the cleaning cycle has been run the operator simply wipe the rollers with a cloth.
As an option there is a barcode scanner available to match cover and block.
The PräLeg output is approx 300 books an hour.

Available as XL-version for larger formats


Standard XL
Book Height: 80-340 mm 80-440 mm
Book Width: 110-450 mm
Book Thickness: 2-80 mm
Multiple Production 200-300 pcs/h
One-off production 100-150 pcs/h
Dimensions (lxwxh) 85 x 80 x 185 cm
Weight: 220 kgs
Required compressed air: 6 bar
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz 0.6kW