Casing-in machine

The PräLeg XS is a casing-in machine for hardcover books in binderies manufacturing one-offs as well as for short-run production in copy and print shops

The PräLeg XS is a casing-in machine for books. The machine operates on the well-known principle of one blade for holding and transporting the book block between the gluing units. Without a need for format settings, small and medium-sized editions can be processed just as easily as constantly-changing formats.

Control of specific procedures at the gluing stage and subsequent transport of the block to the case is controlled by touchscreen.

To achieve a perfect viscosity of the glue, an automatic water feed is integrated into the machine. Water can be added to the glue in intervals either automatically or manually.
The machine also has an automatic cleaning system which is activated by touchscreen.

The machine has a blade and two separate gluing units for applying glue to the two end papers of the book block.

At the start of the operating cycle the blade is located in the upper position. A book block is opened in the center, placed on the blade and pushed against the adjustable stop.

The casing-in cycle is next triggered. The blade drives downwards between the gluing units.

While the blade is travelling downwards the book case is placed in the case mountings against the stop. This stop ensures that the upper and lower cover-rim overlaps (or squares) are equal.

When the blade has reached the gluing position the gluing units come together pressing against the book block.

After the pressing of the rollers against the joint, the blade begins to move upwards and glue is applied to the two endsheets. The speed at which the blade travels matches precisely the rotation of the gluing rollers. This ensures the level of glue applied to the end papers is even.

At the end of the cycle the blade guides the book block into the case, coming to a halt in the upper position. This process is supported by pressing the case onto the book block. The book block and the case have now been bound to a book. This book is next taken from the blade and is pressed in a pressing and joint-setting machine (e.g. our PräForm XS or PräForm).

With its semi-automatic cleaning system, the machine may be cleaned easily and quickly after use.


  • Floor space: 60 x 51 cm
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Weight: 65 kgs
  • Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz – 0.9 kW

Book sizes:

  • Book height: 60 – 310 mm
  • Book width: 60 – 340 mm
  • Book thickness: 2 – 70 mm
  • Output: approx. 100 pcs / h


  • no setup time
  • easy settings via touchscreen
  • low space requirement
  • built-in water feed
  • automatic cleaning system
  • perfect in use in combination with the book press and joint-setting machine PräForm XS


  • book blocks with flat and rounded backs
  • layflat book blocks
  • foamed book cases
  • integral cases (cardboard cases)

Download the brochure here:

PräLeg XS