Visit us at Printex find out how to create new revenue streams?

Visit us at Stand 1211 where we will be featuring new Laminating machines, entry level PUR binder, Digital Sleeking Technologies and laminating films

We will be offering the equipment used on our stand at heavily reduced prices, so if you are interested don’t miss out on this opportunity to pick up a bargain. These prices will only be offered on the displayed machines

All visitors are invited to complete a short survey on the stand for a chance to win a new IPAD

Our new range of commercial laminating machines and consumables are assisting our customers add new revenue streams from their existing customers and winning them new ones.

Laminating is an important element in the enhancement and protection of digitally printed material and also for the reproduction of photo prints and photo books.

Aimed at the On Demand Digital market GMP semi-automatic and automatic laminating machines provide value adding embellishments to digital print.
•    single and/or double sided lamination/celloglaze
•    single and/or double sided photo matt texture embossing
•    Digital Sleeking producing a range of full sheet or spot effects with metallic foil, gloss or matt coatings
•    Patented “GMP Slit–Book” technology which produces an inner book block for a “lay flat” photo books.


New Products to be launched

With the continuing challenges in our industry and the ever evolving POD digital space we all have to find new products and/or revenue streams to maintain growth in our businesses. We are no different and in 2015 we will take to market smarter, more automated technology incorporated in easier to use equipment that has a smaller footprint and lower price point than previously available for semi-automatic and automated binding and laminating systems.

This is the type of equipment our customers in the POD market are telling us suits their production environments and available investment dollars.

We are looking forward to Printex 15 as it will be a great opportunity to re-connect with our customers and prospects. Our goal has always been to empower our customers with ideas and well supported, quality, reliable equipment that adds value to print. So this Printex we thought we would offer you the opportunity to complete a very short survey either “on line” before the exhibition or at the exhibition which will automatically enter you into a prize draw. More information regarding this will be coming soon.

Examples of new products aimed at the POD market are the new PUR System 380 Binder and the Q Topic semi-automatic celloglazing machine.

New GMP QTOPIC Laminating/celloglaze machine

qtopic 380

The GMP Q-Topic 380 POD Laminator is the very latest solution from World renowned Laminating Machine Manufacturer GMP. Designed to offer an in-house laminating solution for Short to medium Run on demand digital print.

This semi-automated model incorporates the latest in pneumatics and combines the benefits of GMP’s belt fed table with their magic eye gate control for quick and accurate sheet overlap. The in-built perforating device and auto bursting unit ensures each sheet arrives on the delivery table ready to guillotine.

Based on the basic principal of the larger GMP Protopic , the Q-Topic offers some of the most advanced technology on a machine of this size.

The Q-Topic also has the ability to Sleek/Foil as a standard feature, the built in re-winder enables holographic images, spot gloss & matte effects and foils to be applied to your sheet without any special skills or tools.

The Q-Topic 380 is an ideal solution for businesses who want to bring their digital or quick turnaround lamination requirements in house.



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New PUR Perfect Binding System

pur system

From $270.00 per week

The NEW PUR SYSTEM 380 is an entry level professional model aimed at the user who wants to get the results of a large PUR Perfect Binder but cannot justify the expense.

This system is well proven and is an evolution of a Hot –Melt version of the same machine with over 1500 models in use worldwide.

The clamp closure is semi-automatic and the milling station specially designed for low emission of residual dust.

The glue coating device can be used for both for PUR glue and for hot-melt EVA utilizing vertical extruders for a perfect spine coating and side glue which are individually selectable. The glue cut-off is very accurate, both for the back and for the laterals.

The PUR SYSTEM 380 is simple and easy to set up and use and the low operating costs make it an ideal solution for anyone producing POD bound books, Photo-albums or Photobooks, in house.

On finance at $270.00 per week the PUR SYSTEM 380 is a very economic entry level Professional machine.