Strong, attractive and high-performance laminating machine in a metal housing. Suitable for all types of laminating. The laminator with intelligent functions. The IQ sensor detects the product to be laminated and sets itself automatically for a perfect laminating result.

  • IQ auto run
  • 4 RSH-technology (4-Roll-Short-Heat)
  • Heating up time of 50 seconds
  • High laminating speed 1000mm/min
  • IQ anti-jam
  • Standby function
  • IQ power off
  • Elegant design
  • Brilliant colours and higher contrast after lamination
  • For all important documents, certificates, menus, drawings, photos, etc.

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      Lamination Speed 1000 mm/min
      Laminating Width 330 mm
      Max thickness 2x 250mic
      Warm Up Time 50 seconds
      Control panel Yes
      Product recognition IQ auto run (automatic)
      Cold lamination Yes
      Reverse function Reverse motor & IQ anti-jam
      Standby funtion Yes/ IQ power off
      Number of rollers 2 rollers hot / 2 rollers cold