Renz Australia Celebrates 40 Years In Business, Launches Schmedt Line

Renz Australia has recently celebrated its fortieth birthday. Excitement in the print and publishing industry over the celebration has been compounded by the fact that our company has recently launched a new range of hard-cover book binding equipment that promises affordable entry into new markets to even smaller printers and publishers. Renz has been responsible for supplying book-binding machines to the publishing sector since the company’s conception. However, despite our range and versatility, some have been hesitant to enter the market due to the investment required.

The hard-cover book industry has been exploding recently; particularly in Melbourne where lockdown has seen consumer segments increasingly obsess over tactile products like photo albums, family histories and traditional hard-cover books. Producing these items has historically been prohibitive for smaller operator’s due to the investment, however the new Schmedt range lowers the investment to the point where it becomes affordable for smaller book makers. The Schmedt machines available via Renz Australia are ideal for volumes of 100 – 500 book runs. They cater to a market segment that desires beautiful, handcrafted products with a unique allure and texture to them.

The new Schmedt range includes the PraziCoat Type 400 Hot and Cold gluing machine, PraDeck Case Maker and PraKant Turning-in machine for manufacturing the book case. As well as these, the new line includes the PraLeg XS Casing-in machine and PraForm XS joint forming machine which are used to affix the book content to its case and create a beautiful, formed joint on the front and back cover. The new line of Schmedt machines are incredibly easy to operate and do not require any formal training before they are used, therefore even aspiring book binding professionals with limited skill or experience can begin to produce high quality products within a very short time after installation and training by our qualified professional installation and training team.

Those with higher volume demands and untrained staff can further reduce the manual input necessary for producing high quality books with hard covers. Renz’s line of American tech: the GP2 range of equipment increases the automation potential within the bookmaking and bookbinding processes. Automated bookmaking allows publishers to continue to operate when higher volumes of products are required by consumers and when operations are only active on a seasonal basis.

Renz looks forward to serving the print, book binding and publishing industry long into the future. We strive for excellence in all of our operations and aim to provide affordable high-quality book binding machines. If you are a low-to-mid-volume producer and want to commence manufacturing of hard-cover books or an established operator looking for greater automation or to further increase your profits, please enquire within about our full range of Schmedt and GP² Tech series of bookbinding machines.

Renz is open to discuss your needs from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. Please call our friendly sales team on 1300 859 471 to discuss/purchase of any of our machines. We distribute all over the country and have many satisfied customers that speak to the quality and efficiency of our book binding machines.