Heavy-duty, professional punch machine. Very versatile machine for all types of book and calendar punching production.



  • Punching dies for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars
  • Fast die changes
  • 2-part split dies for book and calendar work
  • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats(1)
  • Punch a wide range of mixed stocks
  • Horizontal paper feeding

Available in 2 versions:

P500 ES Heavy Duty Punch

The P500 ES heavy duty punch comes with eccentric cams allowing you to adjust the stroke of the machine to allow for re-sharpening of dies. The ES also comes with the automatic punching switch to increase productivity.

P500 ES HD Professional heavy duty punch

The P500 ES HD has all the capabilities of the P500 ES, with the addition of a stand, ensuring the punch is always level and at the best height for the operator. It can also be extended with the additions of the logistics tables ensuring a smooth work flow.

Your advantages: The machine will remove all the bottle necks for punching and make it a lot easier to keep customer jobs in house. Allowing you to maintain a quick turnaround and maximise the return on investment.
Ideal for:
Book and calendar work, Thick covers, Digital stock, Photographic paper, Offset printed stock

Price: POA


Professional punching dies available with adjustable back stop, split two-part dies with thumb cut allow book block punching as well as calendar punching and QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) technology allows the quick cancellation of punching pins without having to remove the die.

Punch 500 ES and Punch 500 HD models come equipped with eccentric shafts. This feature allows for the installation of all Professional Punch 500 dies, which can be re-sharpened.

Micro switch is a sensor that will automatically trigger the punch when the paper is inserted into the die slot. This is available on the Punch 500 ES and Punch 500 HD models for a more efficient workflow.

Logistic table: Optional stand and logistics tables for improving product workflow and output.

Mechanical cycles per hour 3,000
Min. punching width 60 mm with foot pedal 105 mm with micro switch
Max. punching width 500 mm
Min. unpunched length 70 mm with foot pedal 110 mm with micro switch
Max. unpunched length 800 mm
Max. punching thickness 4 mm (1)
Punching operation Micro switch or Foot pedal
Punch dies available 3:1, 2:1 ring wire, calendar, coil, plastic comb
Die type Standard, Professional
Selectable punch pins (QSA) Standard dies: No Professional dies: Optional
Bespoke dies Standard dies: No Professional dies: Yes
Variable margin depth Standard dies: No Professional dies: Optional
Die changeover time 3 min
Machine dimensions L x W x H 670 x 450 x 400 mm
Machine weight 112 kg (2)
Machine packing dimensions L x W x H 900 x 670 x 680 mm
Machine weight with packing 174 kg (2)
Power requirement 3/N/PE~400/230V 50Hz / 3,5kW 3/PE~200/115V 60Hz / 3,5kW
Technical modifications may be made without notice. 1 mm = 10 sheets of paper, based on 80 gsm. All performance outputs are based on 80 gsm paper and may vary depending on the product type, the working environment and the operator. (1) Dependent on the die type. (2) Weight excluding the die