Semi Automatic On Demand Casemaker This state-of-the-art casemaking machine is perfect for the making of book covers, ring binders and menus for on-demand business. With the optional corner-cutters more than 200 cases per hour is achievable. Produce different size formats with no setup changes. All settings are made through the touchscreen control. The whole process can be supervised though acrylic-covers. Options:
  • Padded Board upgrade- allows machine to run padded board
  • Single board upgrade- for running single board (menus, game boards)
  • Conveyor/video registry- Conveyor output with built in camera that displays underside of cover material on a screen to assist operators in centering printed spines.
  • Automatic corner cutters- Built-in corner cutters will accurately cut cover material during the case making process.
Price: $POA CALL US FOR BEST PRICE 1300 859 471
Dimensions (LxDxH): 200 x 125 x 127 cms
Weight: 350kgs
Power: 230v/50Hz 10amp
Required air: 2cfm @ 80psi
Operating speed: Up to 300/hr
Setup Time: only a few seconds
Case Height: 169-406mm
Case width (open): 219-660mm (corner cutters) 219-711mm (without corner cutters)
Board Thickness: 1.5-3mm
Spine Width: 6-83mm