Fan-Binding of Book-Blocks

The PraColl fan binders are designed to bind library books and other high-quality bindings. There are two models available which give different levels of automation. PräColl: The book block is held by the quick clamp and inserted in the adhesive binder. The book block is manually fanned over the integrated gluing machine were an even spread of adhesive is applied. The final edition of gauze is attached to the spine by the operator. Up to 60 blocks per hour can be achieved. PräColl Pro: The book blocks are fixed with the supplied fast-action clamps and inserterd into the machine. The gluing process is automated as per the parameters set in the controller. For the making of series there are more clamps ready to use hanging on the gallow.The use of cold glue is recommended. It is perfect for the production of small and medium editions as the output is appr. 150 - 200 pcs. per hour (with 2 operators) For the drying of the glued blocks we recommend the infrared drying device PräSeco.


Model: PräColl PräColl Pro
Dimensions: 75 x 62 x 140cm (L x W x H) 89 x 126 x 219cm (L x W x H)
Weight/ net, gross: 70kgs 160kgs
Power supply: 230v/50Hz 400v/50Hz
Compressed air: N/A 6 Bar
Block width: 110-450mm 70-300mm
Block height: up to 345mm up to 345mm
Block thickness: up to 82mm up to 80mm
Throughput: 60/hr 200/hr