Cutting of Spines and Notching with PräCut

Many automatic and manual binding machines do not have a milling station.Without milling the spine of a book block results in a weak bind.PräCut is the solution for optimize the binding process of a book block. The surface of the spine is notched to enlarge the area for applying the glue. This gives the block a far better strength. The throughput is appr. 250 - 300 pieces per hour. PräCut allows also you to remove the staples from stitched magazines. PräCut is perfect in combination with PräColl and PräColl Pro. Price: POA
Required air: 2cfm @ 80psi
Operating speed: Up to 300/hr
Setup Time: only a few seconds
Case Height: 169-406mm
Case width (open): 219-660mm (corner cutters) 219-711mm (without corner cutters)
Board Thickness: 1.5-3mm
Spine Width: 6-83mm