Dual Sided Crimping Unit for coil diameters from 6 mm to 50 mm

The TCB cuts and crimps the full range of plastic spiral diameters from 6 mm up to 50 mm—with the same crimping heads! It is simple to setup and easy to use. It crimps both ends of the plastic spiral in one operation and automatically turns over the ends of the spiral to lock in the pages. It has a convenient foot pedal operation.
  • No tools required for size changeovers.
  • Accommodates coil diameters from 6 mm to 50 mm without the need to change crimp heads.
  • Easy to follow decals guide the operator through setup.
  • Removable off-cut tray makes accumulation and disposal of off-cuts neat and tidy.
  • Simple dial adjustments enable you to setup, cut and crimp coil diameters from 6 mm to 50 mm with the same crimping heads!
  • Longer crimp achieved as the coil diameter increases reducing the risk of coil unwinding from the larger punch holes.
  • Large top surface doubles as useable workspace.
  • Easily integrated with most coil insertion equipment.
  • Foot pedal operated.
Price: POA


Working width: max. 43cm
Book thickness: max. 50mm Spiral
Pitch: All spiral pitches
Time required for diameter change: only a few seconds
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
International voltages: all local voltages available on demand