If you are looking to purchase laminator machines for home or office, you certainly have a job in hand. Nowadays, these machines are available from numerous brands, offering different useful features suitable for a wide range of applications. Therefore, if you fail to do your homework, you may find it difficult to make the right choice. In this brief guide, you will find out the correct approach to selecting lamination machines that are ideal for your specific requirements.  

Mentioned below are some of the top factors to take into account while purchasing a laminator.     

  • Size of the Document: Please remember that all laminators are designed to function for specific document sizes. A pouch laminator can be an excellent option for individuals or businesses that handle standard-sized documents. On the other hand, if your lamination sizes are more flexible, roll laminators are probably the right choice for you. These laminators can be used for documents between 9 and 27 inches. 
  • Film Thickness: While thin films are more flexible, thick ones are more rigid. In general, film thickness is measured in mils. Pouch laminators can be used for film thicknesses ranging from 3 mils to 10 mils. On the other hand, roll laminators are capable of processing   1.5 mils. It is also important to note that automatic laminators deliver highest the efficiency while working with 3-5 mils lamination films. If you are working on a standard project, automatic laminators can deliver maximum value to you. 
  • Number of Sheets: If your project is relatively smaller, a pouch laminator should suffice. However, a roll laminator may be required for laminating larger documents in higher quantities. Roll laminators are also suitable for documents that have unusual shapes. If you have a large lamination job but the documents are standard-sized, an automatic machine is your ideal pick.  
  • Number of Users: Pouch laminators are small machines that fit easily on a desktop, and better suited for use by a single user.  However, if you want the laminator to be used by a group, roll laminators are ideal. It is possible to set up these large machines in a shared workspace so that a large number of people can use them. Automatic laminating machines can be used by a single user as well as a group.  
  • Lamination Speed and Pressure: In general, lamination machines operate slowly to ensure that the paper is drawn in cautiously so that there is no creasing. 12 inches per minute is the standard speed of laminators. However, if you need faster operation, you can also opt for machines capable of delivering a speed of 15 inches per minute.  

Useful Features to Consider:   

  • Warm-up Time: If the machine heats-up quickly, you can start laminating immediately. 
  • Temperature Control: If you plan to use various types of lamination films, an adjustable temperature controller can be useful.  
  • Anti-jam Function: Prevents costly breakdowns and ensures seamless performance. 
  • Variable Throughput Speed: Helps achieve optimum throughput  
  • Auto Shut-off: Saves valuable resources by preventing overheating. 

At RENZ Australia, we have a wide selection of laminators designed to suit all types of requirements. Please contact our team to find out the laminator you need.