If you deal with lots of printed materials or official documents, you are probably well aware of how lamination works. It helps protect our important documents from tears, moisture, stains, and other hazards that can damage them. Lamination not only makes our documents strong and rigid but also helps them stand out by adding a professional touch.  

Matte and gloss are the most commonly used options while laminating a document. The selection between matte and gloss lamination is one of the most critical decisions in any lamination project. Please remember that both these options are great and can be an excellent choice depending on your lamination needs.  

Matte lamination is known for its sophisticated, elegant finish. It creates a more natural and softer look that makes it easier for readers to read the document. Also, documents with a matte finish are pleasant to handle because of their velvety texture. In documents with a matte finish, darker colours don’t stand out too much because their contrast gets softened. 

On the other hand, a glass-like, shiny appearance is produced by gloss lamination, which enhances the vibrancy and colour of the document significantly. This is why gloss finish is highly preferred for business applications such as promotional and marketing pieces. It is also an excellent option for covering reports, books, and training materials.  

Mentioned below are some of the common benefits of gloss and matte lamination.  

  • Enhances the durability of the documents by withstanding extensive daily use. 
  • Protects documents against stains, liquid spills, grease, smudges, fingerprints, grime, dirt, and much more.  
  • Improves document quality by adding strength and rigidity, and adds a professional look by enhancing ink colors. 
  • Lamination doesn’t blemish or impair the print of the laminated sheets because they are completely transparent.  
  • Lamination saves money by extending the life of important documents and avoiding the need for reprinting damaged documents.  

Which One is Better for My Lamination Needs?     

While choosing between gloss lamination and matte lamination, you must consider the nature of your document and how you are likely to use it. Please keep in mind that light gets reflected by gloss laminates and absorbed by matte laminates. This factor has quite an impact on the overall appearance of a laminated document.  

Matte lamination is the better choice in these circumstances.  

  • A matte finish is better suited for documents that are frequently placed underneath direct lighting. It improves readability from all angles by deflecting any glare.  
  • Excessive use can result in scratching and scuffing of matte laminated documents. Therefore, this finish is more suitable for documents that are not handled regularly. 
  • When you are looking to make a great first impression with a modern, sophisticated look.  
  • When the document is to be laminated has subdued colour tones. 

Mentioned below are some situations where a gloss finish is the better option.   

  • If the document gets handled a lot, a gloss finish is more recommended because it provides a higher level of protection compared to matte.  
  • This is the right choice if you are looking to create a stronger visual impact.  
  • When there is no need to avoid glare. 
  • Gloss laminates are more economical, and hence, can be used for low-budget lamination projects.   

If you have any questions related to your upcoming lamination project, please contact our experts at RENZ Australia.