Binding not only helps organise our important documents, but also creates a professional impression. This is why binding is considered to be a daily requirement for millions of offices around the world. These machines are a necessity for anyone dealing with lots of sheets that needs to be turned into official documents. This is why it is important for them to be able to take proper care of their binding machines. Fortunately, however, maintaining binding machines in the right way is no rocket science. Discussed below are some simple steps that can help you achieve the best performance out of your binding machine. Please remember that taking care of your machine is all about following the right techniques.  

  • Smooth and steady supply of power is the foremost requirement for the latest electric binding machines. The supply should not be more or less than what is required, however you should always ensure that you turn the machine off after using it.  
  • If you are using a comb, coil, or wire binding machine, you will have to empty the chip tray of the binding machine regularly. This can sometimes be a messy, however, if you want a long life for your binding machine, this is something you must do on a regular basis. Presence of too many chips can affect the functioning of the punching dies of the machine. If your dies fail to function properly, unclean holes will be produced. Over a period of time if left unchecked a build-up of chips could cause damage to your machine.  
  • The primary task accomplished by a binding machine is punching holes in the document.  While punching, please make sure that the punching slot is not overfilled. The amount of paper should not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation and the machine’s capacity. Adding more sheets while punching may save you some time, however, may cause serious damage to the dies. You may increase the output of the machine slightly by investing in a modular punch and binding machine.  
  • Binding machines can be classified into different categories with distinct working procedures. Each of these machines behaves as per their own working principle. Naturally, the process of handling supplies is also different for each category. In general, all machines function at their best when high-quality and compatible supplies are used. Therefore, be sure to use the correct quality supplies for binding your documents.  
  • Each binding machine comes with a detailed user manual from the manufacturer. Following these guidelines is the best approach to look after your machine. If you encounter any problem that is not discussed in the manual, contact the manufacturer without any delay.  

If you have any other questions about your binding machine, please feel free to contact us at RENZ Australia. We offer world-class binding solutions for all your document presentation needs.