If you want to create holes in a lot of papers, you need a paper drilling machine. These devices are more sophisticated and heavy-duty compared to regular hole punches. While hole punches can only handle approximately 10 sheets of paper, paper drilling machines can effortlessly drill holes through hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. Depending on the type of machine you are using, you can drill just one or numerous holes. 

Paper drill bits are one the most critical components of paper drilling machines that accomplish the task of punching through heavy stacks of paper. In most of the printing applications, different equipment is required for different paper stocks and same is applicable to paper drill bits. Though drill bits are available in many different sizes, but every bit is not compatible with every drill.  

It is important to take proper care of paper drill bits because they are quite expensive. Luckily, however, there are several ways to ensure that they don’t wear out or break too fast. There are many useful paper drilling accessories that can significantly enhance the service life of drill bits.  

In general, paper drilling bits are made of hardened steel, and are delivered lubricated, sharpened, and ready to use. However, in most of the cases, they don’t come with any type of coating. As a result, they tend to heat up quickly after extensive use. This build up of heat resulting from friction is one of the major problems with paper drilling. Another serious paper drilling related concern is paper jam in the hollow drill bits’ interior. As a result of these factors, the drill bits may crack or shatter due to the impact of heat or pressure. The material of the drill bit also tends to weaken over time because of repeated heating and cooling.                 

The most important thing you can do for the longevity of your drill bits is to regularly use waxing papers. These heavily greased papers can be laid over the material to be drilled to ensure a clean lubricated start to drilling. This can enhance the life of your drill bits by up to 70%.  

The next thing you may consider is using Tungsten coated drill bits. Tungsten is incredibly hard, and can create durable coating with high resistance to shatter and heat related problems. Teflon coated bits can also be used for the same purpose. However, please remember that Tungsten or Teflon coated drill bits can’t be sharpened because they are pre-coated. 

The performance and lifespan of your drill bits also depends on the materials being drilled. If you are drilling plastic coated materials or laminated sheets, be prepared to encounter higher temperature. In some instances, the extra heat may even result in slight melting or the laminate, leaving a residue on the material and and/or drill bit.  

These were just a few ways to enhance the life of paper drill bits. At RENZ Australia, we specialise in anything and everything related paper drilling machines and accessories. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.