Pouch laminators make use of pre-made pouches for the encasement of documents, and are used extensively for laminating photos and documents such as restaurant menus, identity cards, etc. These machines are extremely popular amongst schools, business owners, homes, and print shop operators. However, finding out the most appropriate pouch laminator for your specific application can be difficult.

For choosing the right pouch laminator for your unique needs, you must spend enough time to carefully review the features of the available machines. To help you make an informed decision, we have summarised the features and the differences between different types of pouch laminators.

The Basic Features:

While evaluating pouch laminators, you will first have to take a look at the features that are most important for your use.

  • Temperature Range: Almost all of them being thermal machines, pouch laminators make use of heat for sealing the pouches and fusing the layers together. Depending on the machine, the application of heat is done using heated rollers or plates. Based on the thickness of the laminating pouch, the variable temperature control feature helps users adjust the level of heat. If you plan to use thick laminating pouches regularly, the machine that you select should be able to handle thick pouches.
  • Width: A machine with a maximum document width of 4 inches is sufficient for those looking to laminate only IDs or badges. However, if you want to laminate displays or signs, it is better to opt for a machine offering a larger width.
  • Rollers are found in all laminating machines for the elimination of air bubbles and ensuring secure adhesion. Low volume machines with two rollers are sufficient for home use. Mid level laminators have 2-6 rollers, and are suitable for schools or offices. Finally, copy shop owners and high value users require professional laminating machines with 4-10 rollers.
  • Volume: If you want to produce a high volume of laminated documents, your best option is a machine offering maximum laminating speed. Additional sets of rollers can be used to increase the speed of a laminating machine.

Some other popular features that you may consider are

  • Stand-by mode that saves power while the machine is not laminating.
  • The ability of the machine to laminate without using carrier sheets. This feature prevents adhesives from coming out of the pouch’s edges.
  • Use of cool rollers for reducing the curling of laminated documents.
  • Photo lamination capabilities.

Office Pouch Laminators:

The width of these laminators may range up to around 13 inches or even more, and can be used for laminating pouches with thickness of 3 Mil to 10 Mil. Compared to home laminators, these machines can laminate documents at a much faster rate.

Professional Pouch Laminators:

These are the most capable laminators on the market, and have loads of exciting features.  Width of these laminators can be as high as 44 inches, and can laminate 3 Mil to 10 Mil thick pouches.  The laminating speed of these machines is the highest, with some machines capable of laminating up to 12 feet per minute.

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